Discover the Dragon Flyers series by Cynthia Star!

Enter the secret world of The Dragon Flyers, a team of brave child companions and their daring dragons! David and his friends, Joe and Calli are part of a secret world known only to those who believe in dragons. They are, “Defenders of right, righters of wrong.” This chapter book series will have kids on the edge of their seats with action packed pages, fast moving plots and a hidden world of high-flying fun.

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Book 1: The Dragon Flyers

A boy and his dragon. A book of secrets. And a heart-pounding adventure David will never forget!

The Dragon Flyers is the first in a series of dragons and their brave child mortals, with action packed pages, fast moving plots and a secret world of high-flying fun.

There is so much more to learn about dragons! And David must learn quickly if he wants to get into the secret Dragon Flyer’s Club! Fortunately, he has his friend Joe and the Dragon Book of Secrets to help him. Will David heed the words of the book? Or follow his own ideas, and risk his friendship with his dragon and his chances of getting into the Club? Come along with David and Moonlight on new adventures as they enter the high-flying, fun, and secret world of The Dragon Flyers! An imaginative and exciting book with a relatable hero. Kids will love the vivid imagery and the innovative story, and parents will love the lessons of friendship, responsibility and perseverance.

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Book 2: City of Dragons

A mystical unseen city. An urgent royal request. And a dangerous mission that will push David into a brave new world beyond his imagination . . .

City of Dragons is the second in a series of dragons and their brave child mortals, featuring action-packed pages, fast-moving plots, and a secret world of high-flying fun.

Still wiping off dragon drool from their last adventure, David wonders what’s next, and whether he’s really cut out to be a true Dragon Flyer. When the evil Night Riders show up determined to hunt the Flyers and their dragons down, he realizes the real adventure has just begun. Joe and Calli are sure that the answer to defeating the Night Riders is in Dragon Dynasty, a dragon city full of mystical wonders to behold. But there are dangers, too. As soon as the flyers arrive, they’re sent on a treacherous mission by the dragon king—and success is all up to David. But he’s just a scrawny, scared kid who’s new to the dragon world. Does he have what it takes to be a hero?

An imaginative and exciting book with a relatable hero. Kids will love the vivid imagery, the brilliant world-building, and the non-stop action, and parents will love the lessons of courage, teamwork, and true friendship.

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A daring new mission. A treacherous land of giants. And dangers that test David at every turn …

The Dragon Flyers-Land of Giants is the third book in this exciting series of dragons and their brave child mortals, featuring non-stop, heart-pounding action and a secret world known only to true dragon believers. After the Dragon Flyers hard won victory, David thought their battle with the evil Night Riders was over. Turns out it had only just begun! With new team members, cool new gear and new companions, David and the other Flyers head to an incredible new world that’s as beautiful as it is treacherous. The mission? Retrieve precious items hidden among the sinister giants that roam the land. To do so, they must evade the dangers that lurk around every corner and stay one step ahead of the evil Night Riders. When his trusty team is pulled in all directions, he must focus to overcome is lingering fears to help them succeed. Can he be the brave young man his father always envisioned?

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Editorial Review: Cynthia Star has penned a fantasy tale that will delight young readers while providing great lessons on friendship, resilience, and taking responsibility.

The characters are adorable and it is interesting to notice how the author allows the fantasies in David's mind to shine through the narrative, enriching his character depth, and making him a resonant character for kids. The Dragon Flyers is a well-plotted and intelligently rendered narrative with characters that will fill the dreams of children. 

ROMUALD DZEMO The Book Commentary, March 1, 2022

I am the youngest of 3 children and the only girl. My two older brothers taunted, teased and often terrorized their baby sister, but it made me who I am today; strong, confident and not afraid to stand my ground. I was lucky enough to grow up in Rural Nebraska on a farm where I learned to love animals and the outdoors. I wrote my first book when I was about 10 years old and I have been writing ever since. I now live in New Mexico and get my ideas for new stories while hiking in the foothills.


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