Organize Your Beauty Products #Giveaway Ends 1/28 @SMGurusNetwork @las930

All of us could probably stand some new organization in our lives. And of course, that’s always at the forefront of our minds in January. A great place to start is by reorganizing those beauty products that you regularly use. And here is something you can use to do so! Best of luck entering the giveaway!
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January $25 Amazon Gift Card #Giveaway Ends 1/26

January is that time of year when I am trying to figure out what intentions I want to set for the year. I always want to encourage myself to be smarter with my money. And I love saving up Amazon gift cards for the pricier items that I really want.

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Book #Giveaway: Everywhere Holy by Kara Lawler Ends 1/27

For some people, trying to recapture their faith may be on their list of New Year’s resolutions. This book, Everywhere Holy: Seeting Beauty, Remember Your Identity and Finding God Right Where You Are by Kara Lawler may be what you need! Check out a review by another blogger, take a look inside, and then enter to win your own copy! Continue reading “Book #Giveaway: Everywhere Holy by Kara Lawler Ends 1/27”

Huan Smart Tag Pet Protection #Giveaway Ends 1/24 @las930 @SMGurusNetwork

If you’ve ever had a pet run off, you know how horrible that feels. You’re frantically driving all over and posting pictures everywhere that you can, hoping to find him or her. I know that lately in my neighborhood groups on Facebook , it seems like there is a new post about a missing animal at least every other day. Perhaps we all need to get one of these to cut down on the lost pets! Continue reading “Huan Smart Tag Pet Protection #Giveaway Ends 1/24 @las930 @SMGurusNetwork”

Healthy Water on the Go #Giveaway Ends 1/23 @clearlyfiltered @las930 @SMGurusNetwork

Is drinking more water on your list of goals for a healthier lifestyle? It doesn’t even need to be a New Years resolution, though many people list it as one. I am always aiming to drink more water, particularly with lemon, because of a past with kidney stones. Surgery is no fun, people! But tap water is just gross, and who knows what is actually inside of it. Bottled water gets expensive. Why not use an easy method to have clean water on-the-go at all times? Continue reading “Healthy Water on the Go #Giveaway Ends 1/23 @clearlyfiltered @las930 @SMGurusNetwork”