Meet Pamela Foland, author of the Megan’s World series

Connecting via Fiverr, I had the opportunity to “meet” author Pamela Foland while she was looking for some promotion for her middle grade book series, Megan’s World, that revolves around a girl named Megan with a big heart for animals. Megan’s adventures start when she finds four abandoned kittens that she takes home to nurse, even though her parents have told her she is not yet ready to have a pet of her own. Her next adventure comes in the form of learning how to pet-sit. Here is an opportunity for us to get to know both the author and her books a little bit better. Please note that some affiliate links are present in this post. When clicked on, they may provide me with a small commission to support my websites.

Pamela Foland, thank you so much for taking time to chat with us today. Continue reading “Meet Pamela Foland, author of the Megan’s World series”

Into the Wild: My Three-Fold Love Affair, a New Year’s Retrospective

This year, I ended up staying home for New Year’s Eve. I didn’t even have any alcohol for probably the first time since I was in high school, many, many years ago. Part of it was the fact there was a windchill warning, with really low temps and significantly lower windchills. I hate being cold and it doesn’t make for fun walking. Also, I had some health issues going on and wasn’t feeling up to it. I didn’t really know what I wanted to do. I did write out my affirmations for the year and a few goals. (I don’t believe in resolutions because why set yourself up for failure?) One of those goals was to finally do some more writing and reflecting on this blog. So that is part of the reason for sharing this post. But then I also rang in the New Year by watching one of my all-time favorite movies, Into the Wild. (Yes, you are going to find a few affiliate links in this, which can help me earn a few pennies to support this site, but in no way influence my thoughts and opinions.)

I do remember hearing the original story on MTV News back in 1992. As a coming of age teenager, I found it an intriguing one. And then I put it out of my mind until this movie came about. It looked like a good movie, and of course I wanted to check out something for which Eddie Vedder had done the entire soundtrack. I was immediately sucked into the story and have revisited it numerous times since the movie came out in 2007, especially during times of deep reflection. What better time than New Year’s Eve? Continue reading “Into the Wild: My Three-Fold Love Affair, a New Year’s Retrospective”

Interview with G.P. Ching, author of Wager’s Price

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G.P. Ching’s Soulkeepers series is definitely a YA favorite also enjoyed by adults. She’s back with a brand new series, Soulkeepers Reborn. She has kindly taken some time out of her schedule to tell us a bit more about herself and these great books. Continue reading “Interview with G.P. Ching, author of Wager’s Price”

Happy Anniversary Darcy Walker!

I came across the YA mystery series about Darcy Walker five years ago and fell madly in love with it. Darcy is quirky and easily gets herself into trouble when she accidentally stumbles onto a murder. Determined to solve the murder on her own, Darcy fumbles her way around being a young sleuth in this series that will make you laugh out loud at parts and keep you engaged all the way through.

While it is considered to be YA, it is a clean series that is appropriate for mature teens, due to the crime scenes. And it is a series that many adults, including myself, have enjoyed over these past five years. I can’t wait to get caught up on it!

In celebration of the five-year anniversary of the publication of the first book, Grade A Stupid, author AJ Lape has put the series on sale for a limited time! You can get the first four books for just $0.99 apiece, and the fifth installment is free. Check out the books below and then grab your own copies. My Amazon links are affiliate links, so your purchase may help me earn a few extra pennies to support this site, but I think you will enjoy the books as much as I have. Happy reading and sleuthing!

Grade A Stupid (Darcy Walker Series 1)

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Coloring Novels by Emilyann Girdner with Giveaway

Coloring books are all the rage right now. Author Emilyann Girdner has found a new way for readers to enjoy their favorite classic stories while also fulfilling that strong desire to relax with coloring books. Introducing Coloring Novels. Check out the first four titles in the series, which are available at both Amazon and Barnes and Noble. (Affiliate links are present in this post. When you click on them, I may earn a small commission to support the site.)  Then enter the Amazon gift card giveaway below!

Beauty and the Beast: Coloring Novel Edition

Beauty and the Beast is a treasured fairy tale passed down through generations that explores the love story of a beautiful young girl captured in the enchanted castle of a frightening beast. Now, Beauty and the Beast has been creatively reimagined in this delightful Coloring NovelsTM edition which includes 56 colorable designs as well as featured art by author and artist, Emilyann Girdner. This is a short story length publication. Continue reading “Coloring Novels by Emilyann Girdner with Giveaway”