Cranberry Mimosa Cocktails for the Holidays

The fall and winter holiday season is a great time to take your cocktails to the next level. Mimosas are a particular brunch favorite, be it the holidays or other special occasion. Technically a mimosa has to be have some kind of a citrus-based juice with the sparkling wine or champagne. We’re going to fudge the definition a bit with cranberry mimosa recipes. Bars, restaurants, and even your kitchen often already have cranberry juice on hand anyway. Each mimosa cocktail here uses cranberry in some fashion. Which one piques your interest?

How to Make Mimosas – Cranberry Style

Sugared Cranberry Mimosas – The Cookie Rookie came up with this concoction for the winter holiday season. It takes your traditional cranberry mimosa and adds flavor either ginger ale or ginger beer. Garnish with sugared cranberries!

Cranberry and Vanilla Bean Mimosa – This cranberry version on Epicurious adds seeds from a vanilla bean to the cranberry juice before adding champagne. Garnish with the pod!

Vanilla Cranberry Mimosa – Honey and Birch uses vanilla vodka for adding flavor to a cranberry mimosa and then garnishes with whole pods.

Cranberry Mimosa – Do you really like the tart flavor of cranberry juice, but want just a hint of orange, instead? When 2 Cookin’ Mamas makes these, she uses a little over half champagne with cranberry juice and a touch of orange juice or orange flavored liqueur, instead.

White Cranberry Mimosa – White cranberry juice is extremely refreshing. Make.Meet.Laugh decided to try it for a mimosa and found them perfect for holiday baking with friends.

White Cranberry MimosaVicky Barone has an interesting twist by starting with a base of an apple with white cranberry juice. This sounds perfect for fall!

Apple Cranberry Mimosa – If you like the taste of apples in your cocktails, try this mimosa from The Crumby Kitchen that starts with a base of apple cider. I think my favorite part is the cinnamon sugar that goes onto the rim. It just adds a little extra flavor and fun.

Cranberry Orange Mimosa – While I do enjoy the taste of cranberry juice, I do need to have it watered down somewhat with something like ginger ale (or champagne!). This version from Recipe Runner uses a dash of cranberry syrup in orange juice, instead of cranberry juice. This way you can still get a hint of the flavor, but not have to deal with the potent flavor.

Cranberry Orange Mimosa – Another way to make the cranberry tartness less harsh is to use half cranberry cocktail and half orange juice, like Blackberry Babe does. The cranberry and orange slices make for a lovely garnish.

Easy Cranberry Mimosa – An even better idea, to me anyway, from Damn Delicious, mixes equal parts orange juice and pineapple juice and about a half part of cranberry juice, mixing that half and half with the sparkling white wine. This sounds like a dreamy combination to me. To make it festive, she garnishes with cranberries and rosemary.

Fall Prosecco Punch– This is a fun and festive drink that comes from Sugar Spice and Glitter (a fellow Montessorian!). This one uses prosecco instead of champagne and also a cranberry ginger ale with Cointreau and frozen cranberries floating on top. A lighter taste with plenty of festive flare.

Cranberry Mimosa Margaritas – This one gets me all kinds of excited, because it blends together two of my favorite drinks. You are literally making a margarita and then adding champagne and cranberry juice to it. Yum! Thank you The Blonde Cook for putting together this idea!

Have Your Mimosa and Eat It, Too

Cranberry Mimosa Cupcakes – Okay, so you can’t drink these, but who doesn’t love a tasty cupcake here and there? Love, Life, and Sugar uses an orange cake that is also flavored with champagne and then tops the cupcakes with a cranberry and champagne flavored icing. They look divine!

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