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Today I’d like to give a warm welcome to author Ammar Habib, who is giving us some insight into his new book The Legendary Wolf, as well as a peek into what makes him tick and what some of his dreams are. Let him know what you think in the comments and even ask a few questions of your own. Enjoy the book and don’t forget to enter the giveaway!

1.) What was the inspiration behind this book? 

Thank you for the interview! The Legendary Wolf is a story that I first conceived back in the summer of 2013. I’ve always been attracted to the idea of having a character who is an older warrior/soldier. The questions formed the foundation of this novel were: What happens to the warrior after they’ve grown old? What happens to the soldier who has no battle left to fight?

With these questions as a basis, I began to create The Legendary Wolf. Along with the idea of an older protagonist came the idea of a protagonist who has grown disillusioned because of everything they’ve seen and experienced. The character of Grayson Wolf was birthed from all these ideas. Grayson’s character is inspired by many classical stories that show a fallen protagonist shed their past and rise back up. Thematically, Grayson Wolf’s character arc is quite similar to the character arcs presented in films such as Logan & The Equalizer

I wrote this novel and intertwined the themes of atonement into it as a way to show the reader that it’s never too late to turn around. Sure, the story itself and Grayson’s character are a bit fantastic. However, his struggles are grounded in the everyday struggles many people go through, especially as we grow older. He struggles with loneliness. He struggles with his past. He struggles with all the bad deeds he did in his life, deeds that now haunt him. And he finally overcomes these struggles by finding a new purpose for his life. 

2.) What was one of your favorite scenes? 

This is a tough question to answer because there are honestly so many! I don’t want to give away too big of a spoiler, but one of my favorite scenes happens toward the end of the second act. This scene is where Grayson shows his change of heart. Throughout the entire novel, he has been more of a passive protagonist, meaning that all the “action” he has gone through has not been because of his own will. In this scene, after going through an experience, Grayson takes matters in his own hands and swears to see out this last mission until the end. It’s a really powerful scene because it is at this point that Grayson chooses to shed his demons and rise back up. 

3.) If you could be a character in one of your books, which one would you choose and why? 

None of my character really ever have an “ideal life.” However, they all accomplish some pretty significant things through the course of their stories. One character who I would like to emulate would be Ethan Daniels from my first series, The Dark Guardian Trilogy. He starts off as not such a nice guy, but by the end of the first novel, he does a 180 and is a very heroic figure. He uses his many resources to turn around his city and nation, which is why I think he’s somebody a lot of people can aspire to mirror. 

4.) What is something on your bucket list that you have completed/have yet to complete that you are willing to share with us? 

There are certainly a lot of things on my bucket list that I am slowly working towards achieving. One thing in particular is that I have a dream to help build over 100 water wells for areas that don’t have access to clean water. I’ve been blessed to be able to help fund some wells in the past, and I look forward to continuing to help more areas through what I’ve been blessed with. I have a lot of other goals of giving back, but this is one of the first that comes to mind. 

5.) If you could have dinner with any person living or dead, whom would you choose and why?

Honestly, it’s tough for me to pick just one person, since there are so many people I admire. The person I would ultimately choose in my maternal grandmother. She passed away before my parents were married and well before I was born. I have hears so many incredible things about who she was as a person, and she is somebody I truly admire. 

 6.) What new projects of yours can we look forward to in the future?

I’m currently working on a non-fiction project about the first and only lady in American history to receive the Medal of Honor, Dr. Mary Edwards Walker. I started researching this book in 2017 and finished the first draft in the beginning of this year. Right now, I’m editing the manuscript while my agent pitches the project to different publishers, so I’m hoping that it’ll be out by the end of 2020! 

Thank you again for the interview. It was a pleasure!

The Legendary Wolf
By Ammar Habib
Adult Thriller
ebook, 226 Pages
July 12th 2019

From Bestselling & Award-Winning author Ammar Habib comes this brutal tale of redemption!

Men Die. Legends Don’t.

Decades ago, Grayson Wolf locked away the demons inside him. Once a legendary assassin named after Mors, the Roman embodiment of death, Grayson is now a shadow of the man he was before. He suffers every waking hour, haunted by his past as he begs for death to end his torment.

However, Grayson is pulled back into the shadowy world of espionage when an old comrade shows up at his front door with a young girl he is trying to rescue from sinister men. Suddenly hunted by an army of deadly mercenaries, Grayson is left with no choice but to protect the girl. But deep inside, something happens. He finds a light in the darkness, a light he thought was dead. The demons Grayson chained up–the legendary Mors–will be unleashed. And anyone standing in his way will have hell to pay.


About the Author

Ammar Habib is a bestselling and award-winning author who was born in Lake Jackson, Texas in 1993. Ammar enjoys crafting stories that are not only entertaining but will also stay with the reader for a long time. Ammar presently resides in his hometown with his family, all of whom are his biggest fans. He draws his inspiration from his family, imagination, and the world around him.


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