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Welcome to the book tour for Rescued From the Dungeon by Anarie Brady and Kristi Ahlers. Take a moment to get to know one of the authors, Kristi, a little bit better, and then get to know their latest literary creation. There’s an excerpt for you to enjoy before you download your own copy. Be sure to leave them your own questions and comments. And then visit the rest of the tour for even more excerpts and chances to get to know them. You can also earn bonus entries into the giveaway at the end.

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Will we see these characters again?

Actually, these two characters, Ashton and Victoria were lead in the anthology New Beginnings by this same publisher. I fell in love with these two people and wanted to see where their relationship had gone after we left them before while Britain was on the brink of World War I. In this story I’ve written about how war and separation effect a relationship. I’m the spouse of a retired military man and this was something I was well versed in, having dealt with my own deployment to Iraq in 2004/2005. Although my situation was very different it was still an interesting topic to explore from a historic point of view.

To which character did you relate the most?

That’s easy, it was Victoria. Although I didn’t have the opportunity to go off to war as she does, all her worries, concerns and hopes were my own when my own husband was deployed to Iraq. It’s one thing to read about these sorts of things, it’s quite another when you have the loved one deploy. I wanted to get the emotion across so others will understand without getting too maudlin. I think I did a fair job of doing this.

Who is your writing muse?

I have two men who tend to be my muse for my romance novels. One is the former cover model Cherif Fortin. And the second is Jensen Ackles from Supernatural. I know, they are both so very different but when I’m working up my characters these are typically the people I think of when it comes to character traits. My female leads are almost always crafted with Audrey Hepburn as my muse. I adored her when I was growing up and Breakfast at Tiffany’s is one of my favorite movies of hers.

What is the best writing advice you ever received?

Write! That was the best and most direct advice I’ve ever received. You can spend all your time dreaming about being published or wishing to be published. You can attend all the “how to” classes at conferences, or online, or read all the best “craft” books, but nothing and I mean nothing moves you more toward your goal of being published then backside in seat, computer or notebook (I do a whole lot of my writing long hand in a spiral notebook) and spew out the words. The other thing I was told that has held true is, no one writes the perfect first draft. NO ONE! Everyone can benefit from an edit, or two, or even three or four. Edits are designed to improve the story. Don’t look at it as line after line of fault. Your first draft is where you work out the kinks, get the idea down, prove to yourself “yeah, baby, I’ve got this.” Remember, you can’t edit what isn’t written, and you can’t publish what hasn’t been written either. It all starts with butt in seat!

What are you currently reading? Up next on your TBR?

I was given the book 1001 Books to Read Before you Die and I’m slowly chipping away at the books in this tomb. I’m currently reading Like Water for Chocolate and I’m loving it! This is the year I’m exposing myself to books I wouldn’t normally pick up, or never had a chance to read in high school. The next on the list is going to be Ian McEwan’s Atonement.

When not writing, what can we find you doing?

Reading, or haunting bookstores looking for a book! I have a shameless book collection, my TBR pile is more like a TBR bookcase! No seriously, I have two bookcases full of books I have to read. I also love to travel. I’m a former Flight Attendant so staying in one place for too long makes me twitchy, so I plan little getaways often. Of course, taking a book along for the ride.

Rescued From the Dungeon

Rescued from the Dungeon: Oubliette

It took a tornado and the near destruction of his home for Jason, a professor of history, to learn that his family had once owned his neighbor David’s family. While repairing the damage from the storm, friendship and more blossom between David, Jason, and Marina, Jason’s submissive wife. Determined to ease Jason’s guilt over his family history, Marina proposes a unique way of putting old ghosts to rest.

Rescued from the Dungeon: Love’s Captive

Victoria Padgett is working the front lines as a nurse during WWI. She has just finished celebrating her first wedding anniversary with her husband and Duke of Willby, Ashton Padgett, in Paris. Together they decide it would be best if she returns to England, open up the ducal estate as a hospital and treat the wounded there where she will be safe and can practice the medicine and sanitary practices she thinks will aide in recovery. She returns to Belgium and the front line to turn in her resignation but while there she is kidnapped and held hostage in a château dungeon by Ashton’s once best friend who thinks Victoria should’ve been his. Will Ashton be able to save his Victoria before war and a madman takes the love of his life from him?

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Read an excerpt from Rescued From the Dungeon:

Love’s Captive:

“Let’s both return to England, Ashton.” She covered her mouth the second the words slipped past. Damning words, words that smacked at the very heart of who her husband was and would continue to be despite her fear. Her selfish request hung like a black cloud between them. “I’m sorry, Ashton, forgive me.”

He pulled her close to his body, to feel his strength and heat. “I love you, my Duchess. A day doesn’t pass where you aren’t in my thoughts. But, I must return. I know you understand this. I’m only sorry I can’t honor your request right now.”

Victoria smiled, tears slipped down her cheeks and she didn’t bother to hide them. What was the point? She hated this war, she hated this impending sense that something was going to go wrong.

“All will be well. I am to be moved back behind the lines. You know that. I’ll be away from the fighting this go around. I will have more leave in July, I’ll come back to England and everything will be as it should.”

They took a cab to the train station. Her train to Belgium wasn’t leaving for another hour or so, so she walked Ashton to his platform. The train was already in place and men in uniform swarmed the cars. Sweethearts embraced and whispered to each other. The cacophony of the station gave her a pounding headache.

“I love you.” Ashton rested his forehead against her own. “I promise I will be careful. I promise I’ll come back to you.”

“Shhh. Don’t make a promise you can’t keep.”

“No matter what happens to me, Tori, I’ll come back to you.”

Kristi Ahlers is a California girl! She grew up in Northern California in a small city called Yuba City. Since then she’s lived in Brussels, Belgium, and England along with a myriad of other locations. A former flight attendant, she was able to continue to feed her love of travel. This has greatly influenced her writing, allowing her to pen stories about places she’s managed to visit and things she’s experienced.

Kristi loves to hear from her readers and can be reached at

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Anarie Brady writes hot, happy ever after love stories filled with strong men and strong women who choose to submit to their own desires. She also loves scratching her chinchilla in all his itchy spots, sipping tea, and savoring whiskey. She absolutely adores hearing from fans, so don’t be shy!

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