Gloria Sanford – Sci-fi and Paranormal Romance for #99c

Author Gloria Sanford has long been a fan of paranormal, supernatural, and sci-fi romance. So naturally when she started writing her own novels, she had to pen stories in her favorite genres. With a strong attention to detail, she puts you right into the story. And now, each one of her stories is available for just 99 cents.

Check out each one of these books and get lost in Gloria Sanford’s worlds filled with supernatural and paranormal creatures, lots of love, and unique experiences.

The Far Side

The character limit on personals bulletins is 300. Rhys’ comes in at 296.

‘I am a farming man, twenty-five years of age. Seeking spouse ready for rural and family life to come and live with me. My property is twenty or thirty minutes from nearest town each way. I have one child, aged five. I prefer that you be at least twenty. Gender…’

‘….is of no consequence’ – Adam reads.

Life on his planet is complicated, especially for a guy like him. Adam likes men and on his planet, that is taboo. He longs to belong, somewhere, have a family, find companionship and love. So, he decides to answer the personal ad…. what can it hurt right?

How far would you go for love? Adam is about to find out how far.

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The Cage

“I hate Oliver.” Jacob frowns as he stares across the arena. Oliver Kent is surrounded by his friends from the Soerin team, laughing and having a great time and Jacob wants to punch him in the face.

Samuel taps two fingers against Jacob’s chest confidently, right over his heart, right over the feelings he’s reading. Thinks he’s reading. “No. No, you really don’t.”

Not long after Jacob is telling Samuel and Oliver…

“I had a vision,” Jacob tells them. “Of the future. Far in the future. Not, like, the next three minutes. But the future.”

Oliver audibly swallows. He leans in close too. “Of what, Jacob?”

“Us.” Jacob’s tired, unable to keep his eyes open, but he smiles. “The three of us, you, me and Samuel. It was our future. Together. We’re gonna be together for a long time.”

Now they just have to survive the cage and make it to the future…

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Crimson Howl

Daniel Brennan is dead in the woods… Again.

He is dead and Morgan doesn’t have to hide any more. Brennan isn’t going to send anyone after him now. Morgan has been in hiding so long, shying away from humans or anyone who could recognize a shadow creature on sight.

He emerges to find out the police want to know what happened to Brennan and what he had to do with it. He is reluctantly forced to join forces with the dark handsome Detective Camden, who just happens to be a new werewolf.

Together they discover that there is an anonymous organization working to eradicate all supernatural creatures.

Now they must fight this evil, the witchy full moon and the strong sexual attraction between them to find and distribute the antidote before it’s too late.

Author’s note: 18+ Only. This gay paranormal romance contains explicit and suggestive sex scenes. M/M

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Prime Instinct

“It’s a girl,” Nadine said quietly, shifting the infant around in her arms. “We found her at our packseat this morning.”

Theo’s fingers flexed helplessly at his side and Nadine stood, gently easing the baby into his arms. The baby lacked a packscent—abandoned, then, and packless—and shifted in his arms. Theo stared at her, at the smooth line of her brow and toffee brown of her skin, completely transfixed.

Completely taken with her, Theo couldn’t help himself and he knew Gordon would love her too. “We want her. To adopt her”. Not long after her birth certificate arrived and they were a family, she belonged to their pack.

Of course, nothing stays safe for long. By adopting Kaitlyn they found out that they had inadvertently crossed the wargs as well. They have certain superstitions. Shared beliefs passed from pack-to-pack. Ones they’ve believed in probably since they cast out the first of their bastards.

And if a pack offers a warg offense, like Kaitlyn’s pack did, and it’s not addressed, the wargs consider themselves to be under a curse. Ten years of poverty and drought.

The only way to break the curse? They kill every member of the pack that offended them. All of them. To a pup. And by adopting Kaitlyn, they had put themselves in their crosshairs now, as well.

They were warned. “They’ll come after the three of you. And they’ll keep coming, until either you’re dead or they are. Or you’ve given them reason to stop.”

Jo was furious.

While the prospect of what she had to do was intimidating, there was no way—no way—she was going to sit passively by and let some asshole pack of hobos destroy her pack. Her family.

Kaitlyn was theirs. She was pack. She was her brother’s daughter. And Jo wasn’t going to let anything happen to her.

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Eyes Blazing Gold

Finn is sure that the head of Janos Industries, the devastatingly handsome and dynamic Oliver Wentworth, can’t survive even a single night in the wild away from the comfort and safety of the city life that he is most obviously accustomed to. Oliver manages to surprise Finn in more ways than one as their casual flirtation escalates into something quite unexpected, and all seems well.

However, things suddenly take a turn for the deadly when what began as time spent away from the city turns into a battle for survival as they find themselves lost and hunted by a beast that lurks deep in the woods. Can they stop it before it kills everyone? And can love still flourish amid the fear and carnage?

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Edge of the Universe

Oscar finds himself bored with the daily grind on board the Strome which is docked on a seemingly uninhabited planet. However, when he chances upon a strange alien creature lurking in the edges of the inhospitable wasteland, noting their obvious intelligence and human aspects, he smuggles him back aboard the ship out of sheer curiosity. However, little does Oscar suspect that the alien, Pyrosant, would make such an impression on him, and he soon realizes that he is developing feelings for him that he cannot deny.

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