Anyone who believes that men…


Anyone who believes that men are the equal of women has never seen a man trying to wrap a Christmas present.


Although, I do have to say that the opposite was true in my own family. My father was an impeccable gift-wrapper and my mom couldn’t be bothered as much. Granted, she was also a church organist and very busy at this time of year. And some of my favorite memories are from the game my sister and I played when Mom finally handed us each a garbage bag and told us to just reach in and grab one thing at a time, because she didn’t have time to wrap. One would pick out something and the other would have to root around until she found her matching gift, as we usually got identical or similar gifts from Mom, trying to make it “fair.” (Bless her heart, lol.) 

My male best friend is the same way. He even makes his own bows. I have never seen anyone be as meticulous with gift wrapping as he is. His future wife is a lucky woman. 😉 

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