STEM Toys: Anki Cozmo Limited Edition, Interstellar Blue

Coding is the newest STEM skill that kids are quickly picking up and love to learn. Anki Cozmo is one of those fun robots that teach kids a lot about coding. He’s super cute and small, but has a huge personality and can become one of your kid’s favorite companions and teachers.

Available in limited edition Interstellar Blue, Cozmo teaches creative coding through a simplistic interface. Designed for children aged 8 and over, the possibilities with this interactive robot are endless.

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A fearless explorer and loyal sidekick

Cozmo is more than just a robotic toy. He quickly becomes a loyal sidekick. See, this robot doesn’t just follow commands. He benefits from pretty impressive AI technology. This means he can recognize you and remembers your name. The more time he spends with you and the more that he learns through coding, the more he’ll evolve.

Challenge Cozmo to plenty of fun games

Cozmo is also unique because he comes with plenty of fun games your child can play, such as Memory Match, Quick Tap, and Keepaway. Download the free app, which is frequently updated with fresh, new games, to keep the playing going.

Creative, fun coding

Cozmo makes coding so much fun. The interface is easy to use, and your child can program him to do all kinds of cool things.

He can learn to perform a victory dance, pick up and transport his cubes, or even sneeze. The coding is taught in a drag and drop method, allowing your child to easily drag coding blocks onto the screen. Once the blocks have been moved to the screen, Cozmo will launch into life, following whatever commands have been set.

See through the eyes of a robot

As well as offering an awesome range of games, Cozmo also allows your child to view the world through his eyes. With the unique explorer mode, you can see exactly what the robot sees as he travels around the room. Note that he does make a GPS map of your house

Amazingly durable toy

Cozmo is amazingly durable, much more so than he looks! He was designed with durability and security in mind, so don’t worry about easily breaking him should you accidentally stand on him. This is great because kids are going to play with him a lot, so you don’t want a flimsy toy at home.

Cozmo has some relatives who are just as great as he is, should you want to go beyond this limited edition Interstellar Blue version. You can also check out a gray and red one or join in the fun with the black Vector version for adults. The more the merrier!

So, if you’re searching for an impressive, fun and educational coding robot, you’ll struggle to find a better one than Cozmo. Get the limited edition Interstellar Blue color robot today and give your child an educational yet exciting gift.

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