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Terence Shipman is an educator who has also been spending time creating books for kids. He’s sharing books to help kids actually see themselves reflected in the literature and to raise awareness and diversity while also giving a great story. I’ve shared his titles on my kids book blogs at Andi’s Kids Books and Andi’s Middle Grade & Chapter Books and they are always quite popular. Check out his offerings here today and get the ones that interest you most!

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The Adventures of Mahalia and Malcolm: The Robinsons

Mahalia and Malcolm know that they do not belong to the typical African American family, but that doesn’t stop them from loving their family and just being kids. After their home is invaded by a masked stranger, the siblings set off on a brave and daring adventure to rescue their family. Plunged into an incredible battle to save the family, the kids struggle with the normal fears and anxieties, but they soon discover the enormous range of their superpowers! They also discover incredible secrets about their family: like Douglass: the family’s robot and RedTail1, the family’s aircraft. The most important discovery they uncover is the courage that it takes to keep a superhero family together. Filled with excitement and riveting escapades, The Adventures of Mahalia and Malcolm: the Robinsons, is the perfect book to show young readers that superheroes come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and ages!

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Mr. Shipman’s Kindergarten Chronicles ABC

Great for early readers and English language learners, “Mr. Shipman’s Kindergarten Chronicles: ABC”, is a delightful presentation fo the alphabet. Your child will enjoy the pictures and the learning.

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Mr. Shipman’s Kindergarten Chronicles: Field Trip to the Farm

Mr. Shipman’s Kindergarten Chronicles takes us with them on a Field Trip to the Farm. This is the fifth book of the series. The class explores the wonders of Ramsey farm on their field trip. An entertaining story of the wonder and excitement of kindergarten. Comes join Mr. Shipman’s Class.

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Mr. Shipman’s Kindergarten Chronicles: The Field Day

Dewayne, a kindergartner at Laster Elementary, is training for his first field day at school. His sister, Banicia, tells him about her experience of field day in Mr. Shipman’s kindergarten class. The beloved series, Mr. Shipman’s Kindergarten Chronicles, continues with the biggest sports event in every child’s life, Field Day.

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Be sure to visit the Team Shipman Publishing website to see all of their books, make purchases, and see what’s coming up next!

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