STEM Toys: Botley the Coding Robot Activity Set

Fun while learning? Help develop your child’s STEM skills with this adorable Botley Coding Robot Activity Set from one of my favorite educational material companies, Learning Resources. Suitable for children as young as 5, Botley’s advanced features allow him to grow with your child as they learn screen-free coding.

You know it’s a good investment because Botley is a 2019 finalist for the Toy of The Year awards. Check out some of these key features and benefits to your child.

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100% screen-free coding

Coding robots typically need to be controlled via a smartphone or tablet app. However, one of the great benefits of Botley is that he can be controlled remotely away from the screen. This means you can feel more comfortable with even your younger children using it. Less screen time is a good thing, and your child is still learning about technology.

You also don’t need a screen to download an app to get started because he’s ready to be used right out of the box. You’re supplied with a small, colorful remote programmer which your child will find super easy to use.

Aids development and creativity

Botley comes with a 77-piece activity set designed to aid development and creativity. Your child will need to learn how to problem solve as they code Botley to navigate around objects.

There are 27 different obstacle building pieces included, allowing your child to create numerous fun obstacles to challenge the robot. It also comes with 40 coding cards, 6 double-sided tiles, detachable robot arms and a starter guide packed full of coding challenges for your child to solve.

Advanced features for years of play

When you buy Botley, you’ll be investing in your child’s future. He comes with advanced features to ensure that he grows with your child. For example, when they master the basic coding skills, they can move on to more advanced challenges. Kids can code Botley for up to 120 different steps. He can follow a loop of commands or use his impressive smart logic to detect objects and find a way around them.

Great hidden features to be unlocked

As if Botley wasn’t exciting enough, he also comes with lots of hidden features that can be unlocked by overcoming challenges. It’s like going on a tech coding quest! Your child will love going on the hunt.

***Note that you will need to purchase 5 AAA batteries, as they don’t come included in the box.

Botley really is one of the best coding robots available to buy. He’s fun, cute, intelligent, and provides great developmental benefits, especially in terms of STEM skills. So, if you’re looking for an affordable, fun and education gift for your child, Botley is worth considering.

Learning Resources Botley the Coding Robot Activity Set, Code for Kids – Toy of The Year Finalist

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