#BookBlast and #Giveaway Mama Dida: My Road to Canada by Leonida Teohari

Learn what it was like for one family to leave Romania and start over again in Canada. Enjoy this excerpt from Mama Dida: My Road to Canada by Leonida Teohari and then follow the tour for more. Best of luck in the giveaway!

After experiencing the second world war tragedies and living through the socio political changes in Romania, grand-pa Aurel and grand-ma Dida for the love of their beloved grandchildren Darius and Anna, decided to leave family, friends and everything they built in Romania and start a new life in Canada. Nadia Comaneci incredible gymnastic success at the Olympic games in Montreal was what they knew at the time about Canada. Grand-pa Aurel and grand-ma Dida’s courage and personal sacrifices were the foundation for the education Darius and Anna accessed in Toronto and the life they enjoyed in Canada. The book presents real events and is based on a true story.


Read an excerpt:

After we came back to Constanta, Mother Voica was introduced to Mr. George whom we the children use to call Uncle George. 

Uncle George was a good man who loved my mother and loved us. Uncle George was from Suditi village in Ialomita County. His family was financially well established so they sent George to a theological seminary to become a priest. After studying for two years, Uncle George decided that becoming a priest was not his vocation; his dream was to see the world.

Uncle George left the seminary and got a job on a commercial ship as a simple sailor. Now he was a free man able to travel and read without religious restrictions. Uncle George was an incredible reader – books, newspapers, anything that he was able to get his hands on. Mother Voica used to call it the reading virus. Unfortunately, while reading, he was smoking nonstop. Most importantly, when he married Mother Voica, Uncle George saved our lives.

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About the author:

Leo Teohari was born in Constanta, Romania. Leo holds both a law degree and a degree in international economics. Leo defected from Communist Romania in 1980, and settled with his family in Toronto, Canada, where he became a businessman. Today he writes about his experiences and runs an international food trade business. In 2004 he published his first book, Hawala, based on a true story about a government cover-up and diversion related to the Romanian revolution in 1989.

The author will award a $10 Amazon/BN GC to a randomly drawn winner.

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