Battle Angel by Colleen Milsteed

Are you a fan of poetry? I do enjoy it on occasion, both in print and in spoken word. Check out this collection from Colleen Milsteed. I have an excerpt from Battle Angel for you today. Be sure to follow the tour to see if another piece speaks to you before you download your own copy. And of course, be sure to enter the great giveaway!

Do you ever feel like life is consistently bashing or bullying you? Extracting every pound of flesh?

Battle Angel: The Ultimate She Warrior has been written with you in mind. Every female alive has their very own ‘She’ warrior buried inside. It’s just a matter of remembering her and digging deep to find yours.

Find the inspiration and power you need from the poetry written in these pages. Find the one that resonates with you when you’re angry, one that brings out your loving warrior, or the perfect powerful inspiration for when you are facing a test in this endeavor we call Life.

Read an excerpt:

Broken, Imperfect and Strong 

Contradicting on all levels 

She protects the wildness in her heart, Covers it with her brokenness and pain, Hides from the masses, except for a few, She often wonders if she is totally insane. 

Normality, something she has never known, Takes every ounce of her strength to wake, Another day trying to tame her aching soul, She rises, not for her, but for their sake. 

She feels cornered in the deafening wilderness, Survival of the fittest, she will not give in, She wraps her cloak of invisibility around her, Hiding from the predators, silent in her skin. 

She knows she is broken, battered, and scarred, The universal lessons beating at her door, She grows tired, refusing to fight or run, Allowing them to rally and take so much more. 

Accepting the law of the land, no other choice, An imperfect being, she struggles on and on, Looking her demise dead in the eyes, Proving her battles have made her strong. 

Unfixable, broken beyond any form of repair, Imperfect in the eyes of this society, A stranger running with the pack, Baring her teeth at them defiantly. 

It is only with patience and unwavering belief, That you gain access to her wild bloody heart, Although take heed, very few could handle The depth, the degree, the strength that will smart. 

She loves sparingly, although she loves hard, Boys will run after a month, maybe two, It’ll take a full-blown man, giving his soul, To tame her wildness, to see it all through. 

If he has the strength and the maturity, Confident and powerful in his own skin, She will surrender to a certain degree, Allowing a life of love to now begin.

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About the author:

COLLEEN MILLSTEED has been writing poetry for over 40 years and it is through her extensive portfolio that this Battle Angel collection evolved, drawing from her life experiences.

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