10 Valentine’s Day Cocktail Recipes

Nothing says loving like a good cocktail. Whether you are celebrating the holiday with a loved one, with friends, or celebrating as Single’s Awareness Day, a great adult beverage can make the evening a bit more relaxing and fun. I have collected a variety of Valentine’s Day cocktail recipes to try this holiday season, including some of my favorites and ones that I am aching to try. What’s your poison? 

First Crush Cocktail – Have you tried moonshine yet? What used to be made only in the home, with a hillbilly reputation, is now becoming a staple in cocktail favorites all over the place. My first taste was a Christmas gift from a friend. Now I can get it in the stores. I came across this cherry-flavored drink from Robyn’s Online World and can’t wait to try it!

I Heart You Valentine’s Day DrinkOh My Creative has this clever twist on the classic vodka and tonic drink. She freezes cranberry juice in a heart-shaped mold. As the ice melts, the flavor spreads and gives the drink more color. There’s even a nonalcoholic version for kids!

Valentine’s Day MocktailOh My Creative also has this Strawberry Kiwi-flavored mocktail for the holiday. She calls it a mock margarita. It looks fabulous as it is, but I will definitely be adding tequila to mine!

Strawberries and Champagne Margarita – Speaking of strawberries and tequila, Pizzazzerie has put together two of my favorite things: champagne and margaritas. I never would have thought of adding champagne to a margarita, but this recipe looks fabulous.

Strawberry Sunburst Cocktail – This one, by Pink Heels Pink Truck, includes the necessary requirement of black cherry and strawberry flavors, even though it also makes you think of summer. She made her own lemonade from scratch, which sounds fabulous and something I have always been meaning to try.

Love Martini – Picture the Recipe came up with their own version of the Love Martini at The Melting Pot. I admit when I first read the ingredients, I was transported back to my days of drinking Sex on the Beach in college. But this one still looks like a tasty treat on occasion.

Red Velvet Cake Martini – Red Velvet cake is one of my favorites, so why not try it in liquid form? Wicked Good Kitchen has an amazing blend of chocolatey, nutty, and cherry flavors in this cocktail. I would be more likely to do the Frangelico version, as I know I always have some on hand.

Cherry Vodka Cocktail and Shooter – Growing Up Gabel has a sweet shooter that can also be created as a Valentine’s Day cocktail. Made of cherry vodka, amaretto, and grenadine, it does elicit thoughts of being super sweet, but diluted with 7-Up, I think it could be very tasty. It is definitely one that I would try for after dinner.

Raspberry Moscato Cocktail – A light and airy romantic Valentine’s Day cocktail comes from Tonya Staab. She takes a blend of moscato and gingerale with raspberries and heart-shaped ice cubes. This would also be tasty with breakfast and perfect for the summer, too.

Hugs and Kisses Martini – Last, but not least, is the one that is probably my favorite on this list. I adore chocolate martinis. They are definitely my preferred version of this classic drink. Home Is Where the Boat Is has created a version with chocolate liquers and vodka, plus some half-and-half. (I have to admit, though, that I usually substitute half-and-half with straight up Bailey’s.) Dip the rim in sugar and garnish with a Hershey’s Hug. There are also a couple of other suggested variations.

Need more ideas? I have 12 more for you right here!

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