Strawberry and Peach Moscato Mimosas

I think we have already established that I love mimosas. I am always eager to try out something new in that category. I am also kind of cheap, especially right now when money is a little tight. A couple of weeks ago, my friends asked me to housesit and petsit for them while they took the kids away on Spring Break. When Sunday rolled around, I was craving my mimosas, but wasn’t in my neighborhood for my usual brunch stop. I decided to treat myself while I was there and discovered the joys of moscato mimosas. Continue reading “Strawberry and Peach Moscato Mimosas”

#ReleaseDay Enchanted: The Fairy Revels Collection with #Giveaway

fae cover


Do you love fairies? This brand new collection that releases today is chock full of them, in all kinds of genres. Find fairy stories for adults and young adults, romance, urban fantasy, and more. Nine best-selling authors got together to share their own new stories within the fairy world. You can grab your Kindle copy today for an amazing low price and then enter the giveaway at the end of the post to win your own paperback collection!

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Enchanted: The Fairy Revels Collection

9 Faerie Romance & Fantasy Fairy Tales; Urban Fantasy, YA Fairies, Fractured Fairy Tales, Sweet Fae Romance, and Paranormal Boxed Set

One spellbound night, nine award-winning and Amazon best-selling authors joined together to bring you an enchanting collection of tales featuring our favorite otherworldly creatures, fairies.

Enchanted: The Fairy Revels Collection will seduce you into the wondrous world of the fae with magic, romance, fantasy, adventure, fairy tales, and folklore. Get ready to be beguiled by a unique boxed set with fractured fairy tales, contemporary romance, paranormal romance, sci-fi adventure, and more. This captivating collection is certain to please anyone who loves magical realism and fairy stories.

Books & Authors

THE BEE CHARMER by Poppy Lawless

Rayne moved to Chancellor on a mission to help Alice find true love. That is, after all, his job as her fairy godfather. What Rayne didn’t expect was to find a love of his own. All Viola wants is to pursue her dream of becoming a perfumer. She doesn’t have time to fall in love. Viola and Rayne will soon find that when your heart makes a wish, even impossible dreams can come true.


Even though she grew up in a family of witches, Abby is normal. When faeries offer her a wish, she wishes for magick of her own, without realizing the consequences. Now she has to travel to the land of faeries to save her friend’s baby and undo the wish, even if it means losing her magick forever.

WOE FOR A FAERIE by B. Brumley

When I chose retribution, it got me got kicked out of the spiritual realm and banished to mortality. Now I’ve got to choose between Jason, the priest who’s hiding something, and Arún, the handsome off-world Fae that believes I’m his prophesied queen… But first, I’ve got to survive New York City.

FLIGHTLESS by Margo Bond Collins

Josh Bevington doesn’t know how to survive living in Fairy, Texas without his wings; Laney Harris doesn’t know how to survive without Josh. When Laney’s biological father shows up in Fairy, determined to steal his daughter’s newfound powers, Josh and Laney will have to overcome work together—or risk losing everything they care about.

ROSE PETAL GRAVES by Olivia Wildenstein

I thought losing my mother would be the greatest shock of my life, but the real surprise came after her death. Dad said she suffered a stroke after she dug up one of the ancient graves in our backyard, which happens to be the town cemetery. Creepy, I know. Creepier still, there was no corpse inside the old coffin, only fresh rose petals.

FAIRLY NORMAL by Carrie L. Wells

Violet Abernathy has spent more than 20 years in the human realm, but this is the year that everything changes. Potentially her last stint among the humans, her “senior” year in high school teaches her more than she ever guessed it would about friendship, love, and support. Maybe what they say is true, change is the only thing that ever stays the same.

FAE CAME ON THE PLANE! by Elizabeth Watasin

At Jifk Spaceport, something every creature and person feared came in on a plane: faeries. When the spaceport goes down, it’s any survivor of the fae incursion on her or his own, and Nico’s not going to let Darqueworld’s most feared boogeymen, the faerie kind, stop her from getting to her lover’s arrival gate.


A Fae princess in jeans and paddock shoes–could any of this be real? Daisy Adams was an orphan raised on her uncle’s farm, but a tractor accident suddenly forces her uncle to reveal the lie she’s been living. Her mother’s still alive and she’s a queen of the Fae… and to make matters worse, Daisy is hunted and the center of a war that is just beginning.


When FayeLynn Roberts finds herself pregnant by Drake, The Folk’s most dangerous man, she relies on Alvin Fairchild, the exiled prince of The Folk to carry her back to The Realm in order to save her child. Alvin wants to protect the child and save The Realm, but can the two of them band together and defeat Drake without losing their hearts?


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Happy National Puppy Day!

I don’t think I realized there was a National Puppy Day. Or if I did, I had put it out of my mind, because I am currently canine-less. *sniffles* The closest I have right now is a cat who used to think she was a dog back when I still had a dog. She would always follow him around, curl up with him, and even play fetch with him. Here are a couple of my favorite pictures.

fiona with julio

fiona on julio 2

Sorry about the crappy lighting. It’s an old picture taken with my old phone. But anyway, Fiona is the Siamese cat and Julio is the brown and white shih-tzu in desperate need of a hair cut. He always hated having his hair cut.

But he was great with her. In fact, the day I brought her home as a poor abandoned kitten, he came right up to her and started sniffing her. I was telling him how she was going to be his new sister, and he started licking the top of her head. Then BAM! He smacked her on top of the head. I guess the big brother was just letting the baby know that he had been there first. Plus, he was always getting crap from the older sister, my other cat Cassie.

cassie snuggling at computer

Sorry, couldn’t leave her out. This is one of my favorite pictures of her. But, this is supposed to be National Puppy Day and not National Cat Day. I digress.

Julio really was the sweetest puppy I could have ever wanted. Even as he grew older, he still remained what I like to call a perma-puppy, always playful and snuggly, especially after getting a haircut. He was just so damn cute! As you know, dogs give unconditional love, so we were very dependent on each other. Nothing turned a day around more than getting a lick on the face from this darling.

julio sleeping

My sister had his brother. After we moved in together, she wanted to get a shih-tzu and found a local breeder. The woman was getting out of the business and had two darlings left. My sister didn’t know which one to choose, so we ended up adopting them both, which was fine by me! They were the best of friends and double-trouble, totally legendary in our neighborhood. They would chase and play all day long, protected us and our turf, and charmed everyone who came over to see them. I was heartbroken when my sister moved and took Jefferson with her.


I think the dogs were also heartbroken. In fact, Julio used to mope a lot around the house until Fiona came along.

Julio and I were rarely separated. In fact, I usually planned vacations around places where I knew I could take him. I am not a fan of kennels and it was often hard to find someone to be willing to come over to take care of him. In fact, I only had one long trip that was over a week where he didn’t come with me, but he stayed with one of my best friends. I knew he was absolutely fine.

julio sweater

Then, a couple of years ago, he got very sick and very rapidly. I had to go to the emergency vet in the middle of the night on a Sunday at the beginning of the school year. Alas, there was nothing they could do for him, so I had to put down my baby. I don’t know if you have ever had to go through something like that, but it is horrible. The worst was when I was bawling and apologizing to him and saying goodbye, and he just kept licking my tears away. It was truly as difficult as being there with my father when he passed away. I just kept telling myself that Dad would be there to greet him, as would my other dog, Snowball, who had died a few years before at the ripe old age of 16 (pictured below). Julio was 12.


I haven’t had another dog since Julio. It’s the longest stretch in my life without a dog, as I had one from about the seventh grade on. I visit the shelters on occasion, but just haven’t yet connected with another dog. Then there’s also the fact that Cassie is now 18 years old and wouldn’t likely do well with another animal coming into the mix at this point. I don’t want to shock the poor girl over the Rainbow Bridge any earlier than I have to.

Some day, I will have another puppy, whether that puppy is truly a baby or a big, older one. Until then, I do still mourn my beloved Julio. I wish he were still here with me, but I know that isn’t possible. Instead, he lives on in my heart and my memories. I just borrow my friends’ dogs on occasion when I need some canine loving, or need to live vicariously through them for days like National Puppy Day.

julio face

Tell me about your precious babies for National Puppy Day! I would love to see them!

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