Sugar Bowl Bakery Sweet Treat Bundle #Giveaway ~ 3 Winners! Ends 6/23 @SugarBowlBakery @SMGurusNetwork

I was thinking about this over the weekend while heading out to various cookouts and get-togethers. There’s something to be said about the amazing homemade dishes that people bring with them, but I do not always have time to prepare something before I head over. Sometimes I prefer to pick up something quick and easy and tasty to share. And OK, I also like to sometimes have something around the house to enjoy with minimal effort. Don’t you think these would make for a great addition? Good luck entering!

Welcome to the Sugar Bowl Bakery Sweet Treat Bundle Giveaway!

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KORE Essentials Belt & Buckle Father’s Day #Giveaway Ends 6/3

From what I hear, these KORE Belts and Buckles are extremely popular and in demand! So if you’re trying to find something for the man in your life this Father’s Day, this looks like a very good idea to try out! You can make purchases below as well as entering the giveaway. Good luck!

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Players to Lovers by Ketley Allison #Sale and #Giveaway

You know you need more books on your ereader! What better time to stock up than a big sale! Plus this one has a giveaway if you like to also have paperbacks on hand. Check them out and good luck entering!

First three books in the series are on
SALE for only 99c each!


New Release


I’m great at hiding.
My past, my secrets, my family.
But now I’ve met a man who threatens to expose me.
He was meant to be a client, but it turns out, rock stars don’t do well
with instructions.
I’m tempted, turned on, and scared.
There’s no room in my life for a brooding, hung over, injured drummer.
But he’s not letting me hide.


I’m a fake.
No one knows the truth, and I’m going to keep it that way.
That is, if I can stop finding trouble.
A gorgeous lawyer threatens to save me, but I’m not sure she
I’m meant to be broken.
Doesn’t matter how much I’m drawn to her face, body and mind.
The less I say, the better.
Because she’s about to show what part of me’s still real.

PLAYING YOU is a steamy, slow burn, friends-to-lovers, rockstar
romance that can be read as a standalone with a HEA. Each book in the
Players to Lovers series is about a different couple. This series is

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Enter to win Paperbacks of books 1 – 3 from Ketley Allison! Open to 18+,
Continental USA. Fill out the form below to enter

Live Life With a Little Spice #Giveaway with @homejobsbymom and @TheSpiceLab Ends 6/7 Two Winners!

If you’re going to be successful in the kitchen, you have to have the right tools on hand! And I mean more than just utensils and gadgets. You need the best salts and spices to give your dishes that something extra special. Two lucky winners can win one of two prize packages of spices in this giveaway. Spice definitely adds variety to life! Best of luck entering!

Welcome to the Live Life with a Little Spice Giveaway!

As a woman-owned and family-run business, The Spice Lab takes great pride in offering the widest selection of sea salts from a single source. Its ever expanding line of products include peppers, spices, seasonings, rubs, loose teas, Gourmet Gift Collections, Himalayan salt shot glasses and plates, regional brands, private labeling, a wide array of corporate gifts and more.

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#BookBlast By the Light of Embers by Shaylin Gandhi with #Giveaway

Welcome to the book blast for By the Light of Embers by Shaylin Gandhi! This historical women’s fiction book just released today. I’ll be reviewing it over at Andi’s Book Reviews in a couple of weeks. So stay tuned! For now, I have an excerpt to share with you. If you follow more of the tour, you’ll find even more excerpts. Leave comments and questions for the author along the way and you can also have multiple entries into the great giveaway!

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