Holiday Hoopla #Giveaway Ends 12/3 $400+ Value!

Welcome to the most wonderful time of the year! Well, at least it is supposed to be. How are you doing with your holiday shopping? Did you even start yet? What if I can make it a little bit easier on you? This giveaway could easily take a large chunk out of your holiday shopping list, where one person will receive over $400 worth of merchandise. How amazing is that? Take a look at all of the brands who are participating in this amazing event and be sure to enter to win. Best of luck to you! Continue reading “Holiday Hoopla #Giveaway Ends 12/3 $400+ Value!”

Pogo Pals #Giveaway Ends 12/15

Do you remember playing on pogo sticks when you were a kid? I thought they were a ton of fun, but I wasn’t allowed to play on them until I got a little bit older. These Pogo Pals are much safer than the ones we played on as kids and are designed to accommodate children as young as three years old. Check out a review and then shop around a bit before you enter the giveaway.

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One World Play Project #Giveaway Ends 12/10

Physical movement is ever so important! And the more fun ways we can give kids to creatively play outside or in large indoor movement areas, the better! Any kind of ball is appealing to kids of all ages. One that is unpoppable is even more appealing because it is going to be durable enough to keep up with a bunch of kids. So check out this one, whether it’s for your kids at home, kids in your classroom, or other kids big and small in your life. Continue reading “One World Play Project #Giveaway Ends 12/10” #Giveaway Ends 12/12

I have a hard time getting out of bed at this time of year. I love comfy sheets and blankets that keep me warm in the cold weather. I can always use some new ones. Wouldn’t you like to breathe some freshness into your bedroom? Check out this popular bedding company and try to win your own! And of course be sure to buy some extras to have on hand or to give as gifts this holiday season. Continue reading “ #Giveaway Ends 12/12”

tinyB Chocolate #Giveaway Ends 11/30

Trust me when I say that you can never go wrong with chocolate as a gift. At least, you can’t go wrong if you get me chocolate as a gift. And I am hard-pressed to think of anyone who would turn it down. And you can’t go wrong with chocolate that looks as good as this chocolate does. So go ahead and get some. Enter to win even more. If you decide to keep it for yourself, I won’t tell anyone. I do also maintain silence for a little chocolate bribe. 😉

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