Out of This World Sci Fi and Fantasy #Giveaway Ends 11/14

Free reads make all of us happy. Even better than one is when you find SIXTEEN for free. This giveaway is chock full of a ton of excellent prizes as well. Best part is, you get to pick and choose which books you want and to which authors you want to subscribe, instead of getting stuck subscribing to a bunch of lists that you do not want to be on. Best of luck in the giveaway and happy reading!

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November Food Holiday Observances

For me, November truly means fall. The weather is no longer warm. The leaves are really falling off of the trees and I start to think of all things turkey. November is also my mother’s birthday month, so I relish my Thanksgiving memories with her. But there are all kinds of November Food Holiday Observances to enjoy, many of which also make me think of her. Use this to help you to plan your menu at home, for creative snack ideas in the classroom, or party fun! I’ll keep adding links as I come up with them. Also be sure to check out my Pinterest boards of Recipes to Try and Montessori Food Prep Activities for even more ideas. Which ones are your favorites?

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#30DaysofThankfulness Day 1: Person

You’ve probably seen the photo going around on social media, especially in 2017. It’s a guide to help you find something to be thankful for each day in November. After all, this is the month of Thanksgiving, so it has become traditional practice to practice such an exercise. I do usually come up with my own ideas, but this year I will follow this guide and share with all of you. Be sure to share yours in the comments, as well! Continue reading “#30DaysofThankfulness Day 1: Person”

Meet Jason Michael Primrose, Author of Zosma (Lost Children of Andromeda)

Welcome to another stop on the book tour for Zosma by Jason Michael Primrose. Today you have the opportunity to get to know him a little bit better, with his writing process as well as the background of the book. Have more questions for Jason? Leave them for him in the comments! And of course there is a great giveaway at the end! Continue reading “Meet Jason Michael Primrose, Author of Zosma (Lost Children of Andromeda)”

Meet Amarie Avant, Author of August

Welcome to the book tour for August by Amarie Avant. Today you have the opportunity to get to know her and the book a little bit better in this exclusive interview. She even gave us a sneak peek into the book with a bonus excerpt! August is currently available in Kindle Unlimited, but you can also purchase a copy. Keep on reading to find out more about it, plus enter the giveaway. You can also follow the tour for excerpts, reviews, and more. Continue reading “Meet Amarie Avant, Author of August”