Feel the Fun Texture Game #Giveaway Ends 4/1 #SMGN

This is a giveaway that really speaks to my Montessori background. You are using the stereognostic sense to determine the textures hidden within the bin. This means you’re using your whole hand and even arms, not just your fingertips, to determine what some of the objects are. It’s similar to the Montessori Mystery Bag. And it’s a lot of fun to play with kids. My friends’ son has a version of this and we still play it even though he is seven. 

So keep on reading to find out more about the game. Read the review from Michigan Savings and More. And then you can enter the giveaway below. Best of luck entering and thanks for stopping by!

Welcome to the Feel The Fun Texture Game Scarves

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2 Easy No Bake Tropical Fruit Pie Recipes

A tropical fruit pie may be just the thing you need to satisfy that craving for something sweet as you dream of warmer days and sitting along the beach or poolside. I have to admit that I would also love a little adult beverage with an umbrella in it while I having these dreams, but a good dessert would suffice. And can’t we say they are relatively healthy because you’re getting your vitamin C and all of those antioxidants in the pineapple?

What’s best about these tropical pie recipes is that they are super easy to make. They don’t require a lot of prep work. You just need to buy a graham cracker crust (unless you’re going to make your own). The ingredients are just stirred together and poured into the crust. No baking required! The beauty comes when you pull them out of the refrigerator, slice them up, and then garnish them. Continue reading “2 Easy No Bake Tropical Fruit Pie Recipes”

Homemade Salsa Verde Recipe

A fresh batch of salsa verde is the perfect accompaniment to all kinds of meals from breakfast to dinner, from eggs to enchiladas or chicken. Stir it into your soup or chili for a flavorful kick or serve it as a dipping sauce with tortilla chips. The possibilities are as limitless as your imagination and this salsa verde recipe is quick and easy to make. It’s done in well under an hour and this batch is enough for about four to six people. Double or triple as needed! You can also put the extra in the freezer for later, but I doubt you’ll have a lot of leftovers. Continue reading “Homemade Salsa Verde Recipe”

Kitchen Essentials Spring #Giveaway Ends 4/1

Kitchen Essentials Spring Giveaway ~ Ends 4/01 @lwwmontel @Viatek @SMGurusNetwork

The kitchen is the center of of the family world. The food you make for your family is extra special because of your love for them. Wouldn’t some fun new toys to use in there be wonderful? There are some great prizes in this giveaway and they can all be yours. Which one do you want the most? Continue reading “Kitchen Essentials Spring #Giveaway Ends 4/1”

Wonderful Halos Easter Craft and Family Fun Basket #Giveaway Ends 3/22

Wonderful Halos Easter Craft and Family Fun Basket Giveaway! 1 Winner ~ $85 RV (Ends 3/22!) @HalosFun @SMGurusNetwork

I love Halos! They are so good year-round, but I especially love to eat them in the winter when I am trying to push the vitamin C. And they were always very popular in my classroom at snacktime! A bonus in this giveaway is there is a cute craft for the kids as well. Best of luck entering and thanks for stopping by!

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