Read an exclusive excerpt from Cupcakes & Crumbs by Melissa McClone #CCPrism

Welcome to the book tour for Cupcakes & Crumbs by Melissa McClone! This is a sweet story, pun partially intended, with a lot of emotion as these women work through all of their issues. Today I’m sharing an exclusive excerpt with you. Please enjoy, follow the rest of the tour, and be sure to enter the amazing giveaway at the end!

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Cupcakes & Crumbs
(Berry Lake Cupcake Posse #1)
By Melissa McClone
Women’s Fiction
Paperback & ebook, 237 Pages
November 17, 2020 by Cardinal Press, LLC

After life takes five women on different paths, a death brings them home. But friendship might not be enough to keep them together.

When Bria Landon and her estranged father each inherit fifty percent of a small-town cupcake shop, her dad hires her worst enemy, and first love, to turn the place into a soulless franchise…or sell it.

To save her aunt’s legacy, Bria needs the help of people who love the bakery as much as she does—her old friends who worked there fifteen years ago. Except each woman is dealing with her own problem:

Juliet, who’s trying to prove she’s more than a trophy wife; Missy, a widow who fears losing the job she loves; Nell, who’s meddling mother won’t stop playing matchmaker; and Selena, a life coach who excels at fixing everyone else’s lives…but hasn’t a clue what’s missing in her own.

Each woman wants to believe their friendship can overcome anything. But as the Berry Lake Cupcake Posse reunite to save their beloved cupcake shop, they soon discover the undertaking will bring more trouble than they expected.

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Read an exclusive excerpt:

Goose bumps covered her arms. Her muscles bunched. “Dalton.”

He covered her hand with his. “Relax, Bri.”

No one else had ever called her that. And forget about relaxing when her pulse shot off the charts. “I’m not sure I can.”

“Try.” Dalton lifted his hand, and a chill rushed up her arm as if missing his touch. “Tonight is dinner with an old friend. Nothing more.”

“Friend?” Bria tried out the word, but she wasn’t sure she liked it to describe him. Yes, they’d been friends as kids and up to junior year. But something had changed, and he stopped feeling like a friend and more like a boyfriend. They’d never had to transition back because they’d never talked. “Is that what we are?"

“Not yet, but I’d like to be.” He scooted closer to her. “What about you?”

A mix of emotions swirled, but that only heightened her apprehension. “Maybe.”

That was as much as she felt comfortable saying.

Dalton laughed. “I’ll take your aybe and another peanut cluster, please.”

“What if you can only have one?”

He reached out again, only this time he squeezed her hand. “Then I’ll take the maybe.”

Bria only wished she felt as confident.

About the Author

USA TODAY bestselling author Melissa McClone writes heartwarming women’s fiction and sweet contemporary romance novels for Cardinal Press, Tule Publishing Group, and Harlequin Books. When she’s not writing relatable characters and sigh-worthy happy endings, she spends rainy Pacific Northwest reading from her Kindle’s ever-growing TBR, napping, and decorating her Happy Planner. Melissa lives in Washington state with her husband, three children, a Norwegian Elkhound, and three cats who think they rule the house. They do!

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  1. I enjoyed the excerpt and I love the idea of the story. Love the idea of friends always there for each other. I’ve got it on my wish list.

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