Teach Them at Home with @teachmy #Giveaway 4 Winners! Ends 4/12 @las930

Chances are pretty good that your kids are at home right now because of the COVID-19 outbreak. Are you trying to figure out what to do to keep them educationally entertained at home? The products by Teach My are quite popular with parents and teachers. Maybe having a set will help you out. Preview some of the sets and purchase some through my affiliate links, too! Continue reading “Teach Them at Home with @teachmy #Giveaway 4 Winners! Ends 4/12 @las930”

Easter with @TVStoreOnline #Giveaway Ends 4/12 @las930

How much fun is it to get dressed up with each of the holidays? Luckily, with TVStoreOnline, you can find costumes to enjoy at any time of the year! Check out these costumes that would be great to wear for your Easter festivities. (And the one looks just like the one from¬†A Christmas Story!) You can read a review and then enter to win. Best of luck! Continue reading “Easter with @TVStoreOnline #Giveaway Ends 4/12 @las930”

Enter the @helloVasagle 3-Tier Rustic Kitchen Trolley Cart #Giveaway Ends 4/5 @Songmics_us @SMGurusNetwork

When I was younger and dreaming of my adulting days, I did often have visions of entertaining guests while rolling out some delectable snacks and beverages from my kitchen on a cart. It was totally inspired by reading and watching so much Jane Austen and other British stories. But it would be totally appropriate for even modern America, right? And what about wheeling out the meal on Thanksgiving or at another family meal, instead of constantly running back and forth, one dish at a time? What would you do with this cart if you won?
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Rubiks Fun for the Family #Giveaway Ends 3/26 @WinningMovesUSA @las930

I both loved and hated the Rubik’s Cube when I was a kid. I loved the puzzle aspect of it and always wanted to work on it, especially to impress the older son of my parents’ friends. But I also hated it, because I would get frustrated and just change the stickers. That, of course, messed up the whole thing forever, and said boy would chastise me for it. These days, I just want to compete with my friends’ kids and earn back some cool points by figuring it out as quickly as they can. Have you seen all of the cool variations they have out now?¬†
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Enter the @ClearlyFiltered Water Bottle Giveaway Ends 3/25 @las930

Especially right now as we are in the midst of a bunch of illness making its way across the world, it’s ever so important to keep ourselves healthy and hydrated. Drinking water is a great way to help flush out your system. And you want to make sure that water is good for you. So enter the Clearly Filtered Water Bottle. Keep on reading to find out why you need one of these water bottles on hand and then enter to win one of your own! Good luck! Continue reading “Enter the @ClearlyFiltered Water Bottle Giveaway Ends 3/25 @las930”