The Hen Planner $50 Amazon GC #Giveaway Ends 7/19

What are some of your favorite hen party memories? Or if you’re in America, bachelorette party memories? (I have to say that I love the term “hen party” better, lol.) I’ve been to some interesting ones over the years. Check out this planner that can help you create lasting memories and also enter to win a $50 Amazon card that you can use toward purchasing items to help create the run or for anything else you like! Good luck entering!

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Genuine Leather Briefcase Laptop Bag #Giveaway Ends 6/8 @jeanmichaels123 @las930

I have a small Chromebook and small Windows laptop that I carry around with me pretty much everywhere that I go. I have desktops available in the offices, but often have some quiet moments to do my own thing. Other situations often provide an opportunity to squeeze in a little bit of work time. Any chance to make a few pennies is a good thing! And then I have my Kindles and planners, and … and … and … So a good bag is an absolute necessity. And I know I’m not the only one who needs one!¬†
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Enter the @Anolon Imperion Damascus Chef Knife Set #Giveaway Ends 6/20 @DeliciouslySavv

Have you been doing a lot more cooking at home? I know it’s hard coming up with so many new meal ideas. Would some new kitchen gear be inspirational? How about a new set of knives? Check out this giveaway.
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Design Your Own Face Mask #Giveaway Ends 6/8 #facemaskselfie @las930

Face masks are here to stay for a while. I admit they are not my favorite, because I am claustrophobic, but I have been learning how to deal with wearing one. And I ended up with some fun ones that I really enjoy. I mean, if we have to wear them, we may as well have fun with them, right? (And if you’re one of those people who thinks masks are taking your freedom, please just go away right now. I can’t deal with that argument.) These are even more fun because you get to make your own design. So you could personalize it to reflect your work or even better reflect your personality¬† or make a statement otherwise. Read on to find out more about them. Best of luck entering the giveaway!
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Shine the Light #Giveaway Ends 6/5 @las930

Sometimes you just need a little extra light. Maybe you’re trying to sneak in another chapter of that paperback before going to bed. Maybe you need a little extra light while working on a craft. You don’t want to disturb anyone else and you also want to protect your eyes. Check out the Beam n Read products and consider them as gifts for yourself or a loved one. Best of luck entering to win this great package! Continue reading “Shine the Light #Giveaway Ends 6/5 @las930”