10 Guinness Cocktails

You love the Guinness, whether bottled, from the tap, or even extra stout. It’s so good on its own. It’s even like a full meal in some ways. Have you ever tried it mixed in anything else? I already knew about a couple of Guinness cocktails, but apparently there are several more that I’ve never seen before. So, here they are, gathered together, for all of us to check out. Enjoy!

The Snakebite – This is probably the only Guinness cocktail I have ever tried, prior to seeking out these other choices. I first heard about it from the Angry Orchard website. You start with a base of hard cider and then pour the Guinness over the back of the spoon for a layered effect. It was definitely an interesting flavor combination! Valerie’s Kitchen makes a version with a pear-flavored apple cider.

Black Velvet – This interesting drink from Kitchen Konfidence starts with a base of Guinness and then pours Prosecco (or other sparkling wine) over the back of a spoon on top of it. This keeps the two from mixing. I never would have thought of this combination, but I am intrigued! Then there is this version from Salt & Wind that also adds in a bit of creme de mure or creme de cassis and brandied cherries. Yum. And then if you want to think of it being a healthier beverage, this version from Dr. Oz the Good Life has some ginger liqueur in it.

Jamaican Guinness Punch – Give a Caribbean flair and sweetness to your Guinness cocktail by using milk and condensed milk plus some added spices in this version by Jehan Can Cook. I would almost want to just substitute Bailey’s and really mix it up with some Irish flair!

Guinness Bloody Mary – I love bloody marys. They’re a fun treat to have at a brunch with friends. A Beautiful Mess created a version using Guinness and Tito’s Vodka. This would be even more filling and fabulous!

Dark & Irish– This Guinness cocktail from An Appealing Plan mixes dark rum and a simple syrup into a cup of coffee and then tops it off with Guinness. Beer, rum, and coffee all together. It’s like a bunch of fabulous worlds colliding into a lovely adult beverage. Awake and mellow, all at once. Guinness cocktails FTW!

Black Patent – Combining lemon and chocolate is not something that I would automatically think of, yet I can see how a hint of each would make for some good flavor. Better Homes and Gardens mixes a chocolate vodka with a bit of lemon juice and simple syrup, then tops it off with Guinness. (Wait, back up. Chocolate vodka? Seriously, how do I miss this stuff?) Yeah, I want one.

Giants Gate Cocktail – This one on About.com is inspired by Ireland’s Giant’s Causeway, as it uses two Irish “giants” of alcohol, Guinness and Bushmills. I am not sold on the idea of using egg white in a beverage, but otherwise the flavor combination intrigues me.

Strawberry Guinness PunchTipsy Bartender is one of my favorite sites for finding random new drinks. This punch combines Guinness, vanilla vodka, condensed milk, spices and strawberries. It sounds fantastic and absolutely refreshing on a warm day like we had for the parade this year.

So, which Guinness cocktails are you going to try this year?

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