#99cents #Sale! Living Green: A Story About Planet Earth, Environmental Preservation, Respect and Friendship by Florian Bushy

One of our goals in life is to teach the next generation to take better care of the planet than we have. This book, Living Green: A Story About Planet Earth, Environmental Preservation, Respect and Friendship by Florian Bushy can be a useful tool in this pursuit! Grab it now while it’s on sale for just $0.99!

Living Green is a fantasy story which helps to explain plants to children. This book helps parents to explain to younger kids why they shouldn’t destroy plants in pots and gardens. Also, with deforestation and decrease of green areas in cities, this book can be used as a starter to discuss these topics with middle childhood kids.

Living Green is a book about respect, friendship and environment preservation. At the beginning of the time on planet Earth, the trees, flowers, shrubs and all the plants could walk, talk and live a happy life. One day, a visitor arrives on Earth and wants to make the plants slaves. As they refuse that, the visitor casts a spell on the plants to make them static. So, the plants can’t move anymore. However, they are still alive!

Paperback and colouring books available. Also, this book is available in Italian, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish.

On sale for just $0.99!

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When Florian Bushy visited the ECO-92 – Earth Summit in June of 1992, his environmentalist side flourished. Since then, he has written books, produced short documentaries and sorted his recycling to make a difference in this world.
Florian Bushy wants to show to the kids that environmental protection, friendship and mutual respect can change the future of their home, called Earth.

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