Interview with M. Black, author of Electric Gardens

Today author M. Black stops by CandrelsCCC to introduce us to her Electric World series and to let us get to know her a little bit better. You can also check out her book and purchase a copy on Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Be sure to leave her a comment or a question!

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Welcome to the blog today! What was the inspiration behind this book?

This book ELECTRIC GARDENS was inspired by the idea that robots would take over the world someday when we dont expect it and what would that world look like? What would they want? I love gardens and thought, I think robots would want everything electrical. They would make electric gardens to cover our Earth.It has a lot of original concepts and is packed with action, developed characters and great world building. I am getting just positive feedback.

Which character was your favorite to write?

I love Lexi019, she is so kick-butt and never gives-up.

Will we see these characters again?

Yes, in Electric Grids out now, Electric Wars and Electric Ends. It is a four book series with lot of twists you will not see coming! all published through CREATIVIA publishing. Reviews have been very positive!

Just brilliant! M. Black has continued this franchise as she started it. As you read, the story unfold in your mind like a movie!

Why should we read your book?

It is a fun read that will make you think about our future, technology and our overuse of automation. Your children will definitely have to live in a world where there is a mix of human and machine. I am an educator and like to focus my stories on the young adults who I want to have fun in reading my books, but also get them engaged in thought and conversation about what their world will look like.

Tell us about your other published works.

EXOTIQA is a cyberpunk dystopia, a kind of iRobot meets Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Taking place in British Columbia in Canada, a cyber-virus infects the minds of users and our three main characters, two being Flexbots, will have to stop it. Fans of Isaac Asimov will enjoy this.

QUANTUM STATE is a powerful A.I that controls the district for our main characters who fight to get out and discover the truth of their existence.

On what are you currently working?

I am finishing the fourth book in the series ELECTRIC WORLD. Electric Grids is out now and Electric Wars will be out soon. The last book is Electric Ends.

Who is your writing muse?

Margaret Atwood, Ursula K. Le Guin, Suzanne Collins.

What is something on your bucket list you have accomplished? Want to accomplish?

Gosh, I plan to visit so many places: Costa Rica, Greece, Paris, Rio De Janeiro, Egypt.

What is something readers may be surprised to learn about you?

I am mostly vegetarian, with occasional fish.

Electric Gardens (Electric World Book One )

Lexi019, like many other young adults, are confined to what is called a Compound controlled by Tins. Upon their eighteenth birthday they are relocated to serve in the Electric Gardens. But Lexi019 has never been compliant, being glitches frequently for misbehavior that leads her into many hot nights in the cells of the Compound.

Friend Kyle53 wants to escape too, and with a war raging inside of him after his sister was taken to be Meshed (tries inserted into the human brain to render humans compliant), the two embark on a dangerous journey of escape. When they run into some unlikely friends, the two eventually enter the Electric Gardens to forge a way out of the Compound, but will they get out in time or will the Tins, like with the rest of world, find the first?

4 Book Electric World Series:

Electric Gardens, Electric Grids, Electric Wars, Electric Ends

About M. Black:

M.Black is a TOP #100 AMAZON Bestseller. She is the author of EXOTIQA WORLD (Cyberpunk Dystopia), GRAPH WORLD (SFF Post-Apocalyptic), SIM WORLD (SciFi Dystopia Post-Apocalyptic) and ELECTRIC WORLD (Robot Post-Apocalyptic).

A semi-finalist author of Lauren Hemingway Contest, she is now published with CREATIVIA.

ENTER TOMORROW with M. Black are YA and NA Dystopias or Post-Apocalyptic stories with a healthy does of SyFy, Fantasy, Future Tech or Robots.

Her books are socially relevant, original, dark & sexy, with characters that dig into your heart, and plot lines that really do surprise. Stories focus on robots, AI, SIMS, genetics, climate, environment, wildlife, grafting, social divisions, neural laces, and future tech.

M.Black is passionate about the Earth, animals, robots and technology. You will find all of these concepts as parts of the themes used in her brand of books ENTER TOMORROW.

M. Black loves to explore future worlds that are falling apart and she likes to keep the reader guessing.

You can find her at

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